All over the world more than 42,000 credit unions in 92 countries are making a big difference to more than 157 million members. Internationally, new credit unions in rural communities in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America are offering financial services to millions of people never before having access. Credit unions in Bolivia provide microentrepreneurs and low-income members savings, credit and educational services, giving them opportunity to improve their lives. In Afghanistan, where women were once denied basic human rights, including rights to education and employment, credit unions give women the opportunity to become members, work at the credit union, and serve on the board.

In the United States the American Dream means something different to everyone. The dream of being financially secure is too often illusive for many Americans. Credit unions are committed to a social responsibility of helping members and communities in pursuit of their American Dreams. Providing everyday financial products and services with emphasis on affordability and member education is how credit unions are enriching the lives of people they reach.