Volunteers are important in the success and philosophical roots of credit unions. AllWealth is always interested in recruiting volunteers for positions on the Board of Directors and Committees. Contact the Credit Union if you are interested in volunteering. There are several levels of commitment to match your available time - from an hour a month to several days per month. Contact the Manager if you are interested in serving in any capacity as a volunteer. Depending on the position, the Nominating Committee or the Board of Directors will review your application and arrange for appointment or a vote of the membership as required. Our Board of Directors consists of 9 volunteers.

  • Michael McDulin - President
  • Rudy Rattman - Vice President
  • Vickie Barger - Secretary/Treasurer
  • Merle Downie - Director
  • Kimberly Downie - Director
  • Dr. Dale French - Director
  • Charles Heis - Director
  • Landon Perraut- Director
  • Jane Winkler - Director



  • Michael Cooper - Chief Executive Officer